Customer Journey

Through an external lens, how do and how should people interact with you.

Make it enjoyable, so they come back

Some are talking about how Customer Journeys have had their day. We use these as part of a range of Service Design tools and in this context they are a great way of bringing Colleagues into the design process. They deal with Customers day in and day out. The mistake many make is to fall into the internal process instead of the external journey. They design what suits the Organisation and so do not see any benefit. It should be the framework that creates maximum competitive advantage through an emotional engaging experience with your best Customers.

Our Approach To Customer Journey

Making Yourself Easy To Deal With

Making yourself easy to deal with comes down to understanding the difference between how you make customers deal with you and how they want to be dealt with. We help you find and remove the grit that causes both you and your customers extra effort. This is what leads to great journey design and long lasting customer relationships.

How Easy Should You Be To Deal With?

Since nothing good comes easy, people often equate effort with value. Sometimes, making things too easy might not convey the value you offer. You must know exactly how you want people to feel along the customer journey. It's important to remember that the customer is NOT always right, but you need to know the right customers to listen to.

Avoiding Group Think

We are all customers, so why do we stop thinking like a customer at work? Sometimes, technology leads the way, forgetting what users truly need. To ensure an improved customer journey it's necessary to engage your entire organisation to gain a better perspective. We bring an outside-in viewpoint, acting 'as if,' to ensure your journey resonates with what your customers truly want and need

Customer Journey Case Studies

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