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How can intelligent tech make Colleagues and customers lives better

Be leading edge, NOT bleeding edge

This should be framed through the lens of service excellence and choice, driving both efficiency & effectiveness. Many in this space can really only do so through the lens of Cost Reduction which is a race to the bottom. We deliver better solutions that drive both cost and improved benefit.

Our Approach To Digital Strategy

The AI Accelerant

It's crucial not to let technology take the lead since it often doesn't naturally align with what people truly need. Many times, digital transformations stumble because of overly high hopes that don't quite match reality. Keeping expectations realistic is key to success. When it comes to AI, the real power lies in freeing up our colleagues internally, offering them the greatest advantage.

Bad Design Creates Bad Solutions

The digital era brought about AGILE methods, but often at the cost of prioritising volume over value. Now, a lot of us are facing a burden of technology debt from that rush. If we don't tackle this tech debt soon, it'll increasingly hold back the actual benefits we can gain. Addressing it is crucial for realising the full potential of what we've implemented.

Creating Competitive Advantage

Digital efforts shouldn't just happen for the sake of being digital, but too often they did. Many embraced digital to push self-service and automation, yet ended up just shifting the workload elsewhere. Moving effort around shifts the costs, all while decreasing satisfaction levels. It's important to remember that digital initiatives should truly enhance without just relocating the problem.

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