Business Transformation

The process of change to create and maintain maximum competitive advantage.

Stay ahead of the pack, deliver your numbers

Ok, so to an extent we are 'borrowing' the word Transformation. In our direct experience BIG change for most organisations today is better delivered with business wide (not just Tech/Product Teams) agility. We are strong advocates of purpose led high cadence change built around robust business cases and strong governance. We assist delivering in part, or completely, in 60% of our Clients.

Our Approach To Business Transformation

BIG BANG or Incremental at PACE

In today's world, we're always adapting to meet changing market and customer needs. Partly because change costs have shifted from fixed to variable, for example, technology has moved into the cloud and onto per user licence models. The result is that competitors are moving faster which is catching slower organisations flat footed. This is what makes moving with PACE and less RISK so important.

Tools for the Job

Getting the job done requires a clear strategy outlining your goals, timelines, and the value you aim to create. Effective communication, storytelling, collaboration, vision and hard work play key roles. Employing best in class frameworks like Agile, Lean, and Six Sigma along with people-centric and service design approaches is essential. Rooted in fundamental project principles like clear milestones, strict governance, and ongoing visibility, these tools pave the way for success.

Competitive Advantage

Big, sudden changes can become outdated even before they're done. In the past, we added daily tasks to projects just to get investment. But real transformation comes from and is led by colleagues – it's an everyday thing. True competitive advantage isn't about huge changes but about ongoing, colleague-driven progress that keeps things current and effective.

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