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Get the CFO on your side

To make change happen, get and stay on the right side of the Finance Director. You do that by creating (and delivering) a compelling and robust business case for what you are proposing. Trust us... everything can have a business case. And it should. From tactical change to full global change programmes for multinational companies, we have done them all.

Our Approach To Business Case Creation

Create the Case for Change

To ensure the success of your change initiatives, it's crucial to secure the CFO's support from the outset. Every change should demonstrate a clear business benefit, whether through cost savings or revenue enhancements. Changes lacking a solid business case are less likely to receive approval and more susceptible to being shelved.

Sensible Steps to Take

Engage someone from finance expert early, break down costs accurately, start the business case promptly, align stages with key dates, and showcase benefits with a focus on quick wins. Comprehend the business's payback criteria, often within 6 months to 1 year. These steps enhance project efficiency and success.

The Right Detail at the Right Time

To set your project in motion effectively, begin with rough estimates (T-Shirt Sizing) and validate through manual testing and external references. Your CFO will approach costs with scrutiny, so robust validation is vital. If your project involves external suppliers, gather references to bolster your case. Keep in mind that a sound business case is dynamic and endures throughout the activity's life.

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