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Customer Insight & Engagement

Why Customers access our services & identifying new ways of working.

The organisation and other key public services in the area, identify with the challenges of ongoing funding cuts and changes, impacting both residents and businesses. The organisation needed to understand why customers were accessing their services via certain channels and what this journey as a resident felt like, to help to understand where new ways of working could be formed with the Partner organisations (charities, public services) to better meet their needs.


  • The local authority needed to review and change how they operated, in order to improve the experience for residents & identify opportunities for new and more efficient ways of working.
  • The authority identified the need to separately evaluate how they supported vulnerable residents, and examine how working with Partners could help create better experiences in a new way.


  • An insight survey was designed and then completed by residents, capturing which services they required and why they used particular channels. From these results, a report was produced and presented, to support the wider Customer Transformation programme.
  • An Engagement Workshop, with 20 Partners from local authorities, public services and charities took place. Insight created from the research was used to identify opportunities to enable a better customer experience, whilst maximising the different skills and experience each Partner provides


  • The Insight report and Engagement workshop findings were key to enabling the wider Customer Services department to define a clear view & approach to support the residents needs in new effective ways, in collaboration with the Partners.
“Our collaborative approach with colleagues, customers and partners meant that we could create clear plans and focus that met the needs of residents and importantly were developed and aligned with the wider organisational objectives” Nicola Collister, Founder, Custerian
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Local Government

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Ways of Working
Operating Model

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Operating Model

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