Customer Engagement

How do you make customers stick and recommend you.

Make Customers stick

A specific part of Customer Centric design. This is putting these considerations (always aligned to the promises the Brand is making) into every aspect of the customer touch points. This starts with taking an outside in stance to break down group think and is followed through with specific Persona development to ensure different groups needs and wants are being met.

Our Approach To Customer Engagement

Emotion Creates Engagement

We focus on what truly matters: emotion. People naturally connect with what feels familiar, so we help you engage with your customers on a personal level. Our aim is to ensure every interaction reflects your brand's promises, because when things don't match up and misalignment happens, trust can often be broken. We're here to ensure your engagement strategy builds trust and forges genuine connections with your customers.

Know Your Customers

Understanding your customers wants and needs inside out is absolutely key. We find that your frontline colleagues are often your best source when it comes to understanding your customers. And in many organisations your colleagues should also be treated as your customers, so it's important you take the time to listen to them. It's also important to know who ARE, and who ARE NOT your customers.

It's About Values & Beliefs

Values and belief are at the core of engagement, paving the way to empathy, which in turn builds trust—something crucial for building a solid relationship with your customers. If you get this wrong, recovery needs to be swift & proactive. This shouldn't be viewed as a one and done activity. Whilst values & beliefs are constant, how they are expressed do and should change over time.

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