Why is Satisfaction Declining?

An honest look at the issues and opportunities in Customer Services based on discussions with those dealing with it day to day.

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Key takeaways:

  1. Root Causes Unveiled: Discover the underlying factors contributing to the prolonged dip in customer satisfaction, going beyond the surface to uncover the real challenges.
  2. Shift Focus from Cost to Value: Learn why it's crucial to move beyond cost reduction and prioritise value creation to enhance service quality and delight customers.
  3. Design for Customer-Centricity: Explore the power of better design – aligning services with customer needs and organisational purpose for a seamless, satisfying experience.
  4. Storytelling for Impact: Uncover the significance of storytelling in showcasing how the entire organisation contributes to creating lifetime customer value.
  5. Navigating the Challenges: Understand the hurdles—legacy technical debt, cost-centric approaches—and ways to overcome these obstacles for a customer-centric future.