Are you ready for the Data Led retail revolution?

We have a history esteemed in using data to improve to improve the retail experience
From high street stores to digital Ecommerce projects we have spent a significant amount of time over the years working with the UK’s biggest and best brands, always using data to inform, improve and refine multi-channel retail experiences for all

From catalogues to smartphones

 There is a lot talked about and facing retail brand owners in today’s age. We should know, we”ve been involved in it for over 30 years and spent a significant amount of that time working in some of what are now the biggest online & multichannel brands 
But we also move with the times. Having first talked about the need to shift from home shopping from catalogues, to shopping to home via what are now smartphones over 25 years ago, we have kept constantly ahead of the curve 
We know the reality behind the myths that get lumped under phrases like -Omni-channel; Al/Data sciences, Digital Transformation, because we pride ourselves on a pragmatic approach to getting the right stuff done, so we know what works and what is still smoke and mirrors. 

Are you...?

Trying to get more things done with less resource

Dealing with the impact of delivering an omnichannel solution -or let's face it, trying to understand what it means

Building a new retail brand that wants to grow faster whilst protecting margins

Fed up with being called a legacy brand trying to adapt to the new loTway ofthe world

Driving growth, but want to make more of digital engagement to build an audience and improve competitive advantage

Feeling lost in a sea of data ( or conversely wondering where to get yours from) and struggling to get to the benefit of Al/Data sciences can bring

Want to unlock the benefits of an emotionally engaging Customer & Colleague (people) experience

Just want to get more of the right stuff done in an increasingly connected and confusing retail experience to build customer /brand value

Then talk to us... WHY?


Custerian was formed by people who had direct responsibility for the outcomes you are trying to create. We now use this pragmatic approach to help clients create a connection between why they exist and the outcomes they achieve, at pace, with less risk.



People Proposition
We have direct experience of:

Our entire reason and focus for being is about...

helping our clients to actually deliver results that are felt by and impact customers through their people

Examples of the types of things we have done...

How Do We Do It?

To do this we call on a number of skills & capabilities, all developed in the real world including working with both global and boutique consultancies – so we know our stuff passes muster – all designed to increase pace of change, whilst reducing risk

All designed to increase pace of change, whilst reducing risk!

Getting the right stuff quickly can involve…
• Our 4Ps framework covering Proposition, People, Process & Priorities 
• Full People Experience (Colleague, Customer & Supply chain) design including journey design and metrics 
• Service design methodologies for rapid problem solution and improving innovation through design led collaboration 
• Full project management using our bespoke Passport kick off and governance approach which works from 2 to 40 people project teams 
• Full cost benefit creation – including business impact of becoming more customer centric 
• Full supply selection and vendor management capability 
• Support of high growth VC & PE backed companies including creation of growth plans and operational & commercial due diligence during acquisition 
• Full ‘on a page’ formats for creation of strategic into tactical activity plans – so more time can spent executing 
• Access to funding for Al/Data Sciences/Digital innovation due to our relationship with the Hartree Center – a UK center of scientific excellence who we have done a number of Al projects with 

Still wondering why you should speak to us?

We leave the last word to our customers...